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Invisible mending of clothes

We will save your ripped, torn, burned, or cut-through clothes! The damaged part of your clothes will be mended by the Invisible Mending method



We accept your damaged clothing also by mail (Cash on Delivery). In case of a larger damage of a suit it is necessary to deliver both trousers and jacket. If you have a remaining piece of the cloth of the garment it will be needed for the mending.

Please be aware that the Invisible Mending of clothes is noticeable and its visibility depends on the type, fiber density, and pattern of the cloth (see photo):

Invisibly Mended Cloth  Invisibly Mended Cloth  Invisibly Mended Cloth

Invisible Mending is possible for all materials except Microfibers and Knitwear. Upon receipt of your order, you will be shown examples of Invisible Mending of cloths. Price from 220 CZK to 250 CZK / cm2 - according to the string intensity. Completion time is about 7 working days.