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Motorbike siuts repairs

Repairs and Alterations of Clothing

Our tailor company is fully available for repairs and alterations of your clothing, including leather.

Your repair and alteration orders will be carried out within 2 - 3 week depending on the complexity.

We also accept express orders!!! (Depends on complexity of the repair)

Repairs of Leather Clothes



Shortening    500 to 600 CZK
Waist Narrowing    500 to 600 CZK
Zipper Replacement    300 to 350 CZK

Jacket / Coat

Zipper Replacement    450 to 500 CZK
Zipper Replacement (Motorbike Jacket)    500 to 650 CZK
Replacement of Knitting or Elastic    350 to 500 CZK


Lining Replacement    1 500 to 1 800 CZK
Sleeves Shortening    From 350 CZK
Body Narrowing    550 to 650 CZK
Replacement of Lining of Pockets    250 to 350 CZK
Invisible Mending    150 to 550 CZK per 1cm2
Patching    250 to 350 CZK

The prices are valid from 1st October 2008. The exact price will be specified upon receipt of your order.

Your motorbike clothes will be repaired, cleaned, the leather made impermeable and dyed.

Dyeing of leather clothes takes about three weeks.