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About us

Welcome to Buttig Men’s and Women’s Tailoring Salon!
Buttig Men’s and Women’s Tailoring Salon has been here for you for more than 24 years!

After 1989, we held a series of fashion shows, one of them being a benefit show to support the conservation of the paintings by Master Theodoric, located at Karlstejn, which was held in the Club Lavka. The show raised a sufficient amount of money to restore two of the Master's works.

Currently, our tailoring salon offers a wide range of services and we are also engaged in several activities that are closely related to fashion and clothing.
In our salon, we sew clothes for actresses, singers, TV presenters, and political leaders. We also provide representative clothes for consulate and embassy staff. Custom sewing materials that we have in stock include brands Dormeuil, Bateman Ogden & Co, Holland & Sherry and many domestic manufacturers.

Our salon cooperates with the artist and fashion designer Emilie Pavlusova, brand PETERKA, who engages, among other things, in creating costumes for film companies throughout Europe. Some of the most significant movies we have been involved with are:

  • 1997-1998 – ‘The Prince and the Pauper‘ movie, Caraibi Anfri s.r.l. Television Company, Rome
  • 1999 – ‘Imperial Courier‘ movie, Titanus Television Company, Rome
  • 2000 – ‘Affair of the Necklace‘ movie, Great Britain Production
  • 2002 – ‘La Cittadella‘ movie, Titanus Television Company, Rome
  • 2003 – ‘Wuthering Heights‘ movie, Titanus Television Company, Rome
  • 2005 – ‘Marie Antoinette‘ movie, director: Sofia Coppola (The movie won the OSCAR prize for the best costumes).

One of the activities of our company is also styling for women's magazines to help Czech women find their dressing style.

We help you with creating your clothing personality!!!