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Repairs, Alterations, and Dyeing of Clothing

Our tailor company is at your service for repairs and alterations of your clothing, including leather.

Your repair and alteration orders will be carried out within 2 to 3 days!!!

We also accept express orders!!!

What we can do for you:

  • Replacements of Zippers and Linings
  • Lengthening, Shortening, and Repairs of Trousers
  • Repairs of Jackets, Overcoats, and Coats
  • Repairs of Shirts and Ladies' Blouses (Sleeves, Cuffs, Alterations and Modifications of Collars, Buttons, etc.)
  • Repairs and Alterations of Dresses and Suits
  • Skirt Alterations
  • Repairs and Alterations of Leather and Suede Leather Clothing (both old and new)

Sample of the Price List:


Shortening    200 to 250 CZK
Waist Alteration    280 CZK
Legs Narrowing    200 to 300 CZK
Zipper Replacement    220 CZK
Repair of Pockets    100 to 250 CZK


Zipper Replacement    220 CZK
Shortening    220 to 300 CZK
Narrowing    280 to 350 CZK


Sleeves Shortening    280 to 320 CZK
Shortening of the Length    350 to 400 CZK
Shifting of Sleeves in Epaulet    650 CZK
Lining Replacement    1 400 to 1 600 CZK
Narrowing of a Jacket    450 C

Zipper Replacements

Winter Jacket / Anorak    320 CZK + Price of the Zipper
Slider Replacement    120 CZK
Summer Jacket    280 CZK + Price of the Zipper
Coat    420 CZK + Price of the Zipper
Feather Winter Jacket    370 to 400 + Price of the Zipper

Other Repairs

Trousers Wedges Replacement    300 CZK
JEANS Shortening    220 CZK (We shorten jeans while maintaining the original hem)
Sew on a Button    15 CZK
Buttonhole Stitching by Sewing Machine    20 CZK
Buttonhole Stitching by Hand    30 CZK
Reversing of a Collar of a Shirt    220 to 270 CZK
Duvet-Cover Sewing    480 CZK
Pillow Sewing    240 CZK
1 Meter of Straight Sewing    50 CZK

Repairs of Leather Clothes


Shortening    500 to 600 CZK
Waist Narrowing    500 to 600 CZK
Zipper Replacement    300 to 350 CZK

Jacket / Coat

Zipper Replacement    450 to 500 CZK
Zipper Replacement (Motorbike Jacket)    500 to 650 CZK
Replacement of Knitting or Elastic    350 to 500 CZK


Lining Replacement    1 500 to 1 800 CZK
Sleeves Shortening    From 350 CZK
Body Narrowing    550 to 650 CZK
Replacement of Lining of Pockets    250 to 350 CZK
Invisible Mending    150 to 550 CZK per 1cm2
Patching    250 to 350 CZK

The prices are valid from 1st October 2008. The exact price will be specified upon receipt of your order.

Your motorbike clothes will be repaired, cleaned, the leather made impermeable and dyed.